Toward Ecosophy

If you’ve found this page — and if it’s before May of 2017, you’re either very intuitive or very good at using search engines — welcome. Starting later this year, probably but not certainly around the summer solstice, this blog will be the successor to my previous blogs The Archdruid Report and The Well of Galabes. If that interests you, you might also want to bookmark my Dreamwidth page, where I’ll be posting shorter essays and comments.

— John Michael Greer


  1. Jon, by all means check it out. You may find it a little strange… 😉

    Melmabey, thank you! All ten volumes are at the publisher now; I’ll post something when I get news concerning the publication date.

  2. Welcome back, John. I missed you thoughtful, thought-provoking writings. There are very few people who think as deeply and as clearly as you do. cheers, Glen.

  3. Looking forward to reading the essays again, and very interested in the new focus.
    Thanks for bringing your writing back to the blogosphere.

  4. One of the things that I am going to miss about the old ADR are the comments, which I often found very insightful, with a lot of good information in itself. Will they be archived in either the dead tree or electronic archive that is currently in the works?

  5. Greetings John Michael,

    Happy to see you back on the web. I’ve enjoyed years of your previous blog and expect this one will satisfy, aw well. THANKS!

  6. I have found this site through the Archdruid Report, bookmarked it now. Having read some of your books JMG, I look forward to reading your essays.

  7. Greetings-look forward to this…long a fan of TAR, what got me stunned, thence committed was your piece ‘The Sharp Edge of the Shell.’ I work as a physician, all my life a fan of scientific inquiry and world view. I had thought that the primacy of science was like some universally understood truth, if not a natural law. The piece brought home hard that the enterprise of science can only thrive in a sociological environment in which it is valued and respected. Still, I wonder if as government pulls away from embracing science, that the gap, filled by the private sector will lead preferentially to knowledge and solutions benefitting it alone, leaving the public good or general welfare of the planet and its environments entirely out of the equation as profit and power accrue to an ever smaller cabal. With the actions of our reckless, shallow president and his minions of corporately blind acolytes, this does seem to be the path we are taking. In any event, I welcome your voice as a counterpoint to the relentless emergence of ignorance amongst the people. I am very interested in any thoughts you might have as to the proper manner to successfully counter these maladaptive trends.

    Thank you so much for what you do. I greatly appreciate it.

  8. Well, things are looking up! A good while back it occurred to me that we could use an updated mythology, one that tried to fit us into our place inside the ecosphere. I’m looking foreword to this.
    Thank you John Michael Greer.
    In my experience the comments elicited in the Archdruid Report were without peer. I hope and pray that will continue.

  9. I note you have published a book about UFOs. I saw something in about 1955 when I was 10 years old which has always puzzled me. Near a range behind the town I was in I saw a circle of lights like porthole lights in the sky. They went out in order round the circle and that was all. This was before sputniks. There was a 16 year old girl with and we saw the same thing as we ran into the house toe tell the adults. They thought it was the end of the moon. Wrong! Not many night lights around then so have never been able to explain it to myself. Don’t want to make a fuss as I don’t want people to assume flying saucers and would prefer a private reply if that is possible.
    On a totally different topic I see absolutely no difference in the way we all live our lives from 10 years ago except that more people are obviously struggling. The same ostentation is alive and well. All the best in your new venture.

  10. JMG, looking forward to this blog. Quick question, next to you, who is the best author on Ecosophy?



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