The Kunstlercast, 9 August 2017: JMG and fellow peak oil pundit James Howard Kunstler talk about the recent Ecosophia post Hate is the New Sex and more.

Practical Prepping, Period, 2 August 2017: JMG and host Randy Powers talk about his book Dark Age America.

The Q.Psience Project, 14 July 2017: JMG and host Jill Hanson talk about his book The Secret of the Temple and much more.

Legalise Freedom, 13 June 2017: JMG and host Greg Moffitt talk about the transition from The Archdruid Report to the new blog, along with deindustrial SF and much more.

The Den of Lore, 1 June 2017: JMG talks about his new book The Coelbren Alphabet and the new reprint of his translation of Gerard Thibault’s Academy of the Sword with host and fellow Freemason Chris George Zuger.

The Podcaste, 25 April 2017: JMG discusses his fiction with host “Sully” Sullivan.

Center for Progressive Urban Politics Webcast, 25 March 2017: JMG in a panel discussion with James Howard Kunstler, Chris Martenson, Frank Morris, and Dmitry Orlov.