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Druidry and Nature Spirituality

Peak Oil and the Future

Magic and Occultism

Unexplained Phenomena

Druidry and Nature Spirituality

The Druidry Handbook (Weiser, 2005)

This was my first book on Druidry, begun immediately after I became Grand Archdruid of AODA at the winter solstice of 2003. It focuses on Druidry as a way of personal spiritual transformation in harmony with nature, and it remains my bestselling book on Druid spirituality.


The Druid Magic Handbook (Weiser, 2007)

A sequel of sorts to The Druidry Handbook, this focuses on the magical dimension of Druidry — magic, please note, being the art and science of causing change in consciousness according to will. It uses the same symbolism and traditions as the earlier book, but takes them considerably further — including rituals meant to help heal local ecosystems.


The Druid Revival Reader (Starseed Press, 2011)

A collection of essays, instructional papers, poetry, and legend spanning the three centuries of the Druid Revival, from its origins in 18th century Britain to its modern resurgence, this is the first general survey of the Revival’s extraordinary literary and intellectual heritage.


The Druid Grove Handbook (Starseed Press, 2011)

A practical handbook of ritual work in the tradition of the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA).




Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth (Weiser, 2012)

My first attempt to sketch out an ecological spirituality on a broad scale, this sets out seven laws — the Law of Wholeness, the Law of Flow, the Law of Balance, the Law of Limits, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of the Planes, and the Law of Evolution — and shows how they work in nature as well as our daily lives.


The Gnostic Celtic Church: A Manual and Book of Liturgy (Starseed Press, 2013)

The Gnostic Celtic Church is a contemplative religious body associated with the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA), descended from the Universal Gnostic movement. This book is a guide to its traditions and teachings.


The Celtic Golden Dawn (Llewellyn, 2013)

Between the two world wars, British occultists created systems of magic that fused Druidry and the Golden Dawn. Their teachings are lost, so I reverse engineered a system of the same kind. This is a manual of serious magical instruction using Druid symbolism and Golden Dawn techniques.


The Coelbren Alphabet (Llewellyn, 2017)

The classic oracle of the Druid Revival tradition, the Coelbren was invented by the legenday and notorious Iolo Morganwg. This book revives it as a symbolic alphabet and divinatory oracle for today.



Peak Oil and the Future

The Long Descent (New Society, 2008)

My first book on peak oil and the future of industrial society, focusing on the role of resource depletion in the twilight of the industrial age. Still the best overview of my take on the broad shape of our future.



The Ecotechnic Future (New Society, 2009)

This is the book that introduced the idea of human history as a process of ecological succession, and sketched out the shape of future technic societies.




The Wealth of Nature (New Society, 2011)

Modern mainstream economics is fatally flawed by its blindness to the biosphere as the driving force behind all economic activity. This book attempts to correct that, and outlines the shape of an ecological economics.



Green Wizardry (New Society, 2013)

The appropriate tech movement of the 1970s has been consigned to our culture’s memory hole since the abandonment of the promising steps toward sustainability taken during those years. This book resurrects the legacy of that movement in a form that can be put to use today.


Not the Future We Ordered (Karnac, 2013)

The first serious study of the psychological dimensions of peak oil, this book explores the way that the secular mythology of progress has come to play a massive role in the imagination and emotional economy of most people in the industrial world, and considers the consequences of the end of progress in our time.


Decline and Fall (New Society, 2014)

The United States is stumbling down the same slope of decline and fall as previous empires, having made all the same mistakes as its predecessors. This book analyzes the ruinous course of American empire and discusses the potential for a rebirth of democracy in its aftermath.


After Progress (New Society, 2015)

The most controversial of my books on the future of industrial society, this explores the way that progress has become a surrogate religion in modern industrial society, and discusses the sweeping cultural and social changes that are building as the myth of perpetual progress fails around us.


Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush: The Best of The Archdruid Report (Founders House, 2015)

Over its eleven year run, my previous blog The Archdruid Report featured weekly essays on an astonishing assortment of topics relating to the future of our society. These are the best of those essays, a lively and confrontational introduction to the future the mass media won’t tell you about — you know, the one we’re actually going to get.

Dark Age America (New Society, 2016)

The darkest and most necessary of my books on the future, this joins the consequences of our civilization’s environmental stupidities with the evidence of previous dark ages to map out the general shape of the next 500 years of North American history.


The Retro Future (New Society, 2017)

Nothing is more of a taboo in today’s industrial societies than “going backward.” When “new” no longer means “improved,” though, and every upgrade has more problems and fewer benefits than what it replaces, returning to older technologies can be the best option.


Magic and Occultism

Paths of Wisdom (Llewellyn, 1996; Aeon Books, 2017)

My first published book, an introduction to the philosophy of ceremonial magic in the Golden Dawn tradition, focusing on the Cabala.



Circles of Power (Llewellyn, 1997; Aeon Books, 2017)

The sequel to Paths of Wisdom, a practical guide to ceremonial magic in the Golden Dawn tradition.






The Natural Magic Encyclopedia (Llewellyn, 2000)

Originally titled Natural Magic: Potions and Powers from the Magical Garden, this is a handbook of magic — the art and science of causing change in consciousness according to will — using herbs, plants, stones, and other natural materials.

The New Encyclopedia of the Occult (Llewellyn, 2003)

A comprehensive encyclopedic guide to occult traditions, this has been widely hailed as the best bathroom reading in modern magical literature. 😉



Learning Ritual Magic (with Clare Vaughn and Earl King Jr.; Weiser, 2004)

An introductory course in Hermetic high magic for solitary practitioners.




The Geomancer’s Handbook (Renaissance Astrology, 2005)

An introductory manual to the ancient art of geomancy, the I Ching of the West.




The Academy of the Sword (translation, Chivalry Bookshelf, 2005; Aeon Books, 2017)

Originally written in French by master swordsman Gerard Thibault and published in 1630, this is the most comprehensive manual of swordsmanship ever written, a practical guide to 17th century rapier fencing based on Renaissance Pythagorean sacred geometry.


The Art and Practice of Geomancy (Weiser, 2009)

A complete guide to the ancient art of divinatory geomancy, the I Ching of the West, including basic and advanced methods of divination, meditation, and geomantic magic.



The Picatrix (translation, with Christopher Warnock;  Renaissance Astrology, 2010)

The most famous mages’ handbook of the Middle Ages, this is the classic manual of astrological magic, translated by JMG and widely respected traditional astrologer Chris Warnock.



The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie (seventh edition, Llewellyn, 2016)

Edited and revised by JMG, this is the definitive edition of the most important magical text of the twentieth century.



The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Levi (translation, with Mark Anthony Mikituk; Penguin Random House, 2017)

The book that launched the modern magical revival, Levi’s Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic remains an unparalleled introduction to the theory and practice of occultism.


Books on Unexplained Phenomena

Monsters (Llewellyn, 2001; expanded tenth anniversary edition, 2011)

A lively examination of traditional monster lore in the light of occult philosophy.




The UFO Phenomenon (Llewellyn, 2009)

A pathbreaking study of unidentified flying objects that goes past the conventional wisdom to explore the role of folk mythology, visionary states, and government disinformation in the creation of the UFO phenomenon.



The Secret of the Temple (Llewellyn, 2016)

A common thread unites the legends of the Temple of Solomon, the Holy Grail, the Knights Templars, and the Freemasons. This book is my attempt at a first exploration of a forgotten terrain of ideas that links temple design, agricultural fertility, and archaic religious traditions.